5 Cute Halloween Treats

October 11, 2011

Make one of these ghoulish treats this year for Halloween.  Each recipe is simple to make but cute enough to serve at a party.  These sweet treats are guaranteed to impress anyone who sees them (and eventually eats them!).

Simple Halloween Cupcakes
This recipe shows you step by step how to create a spider web decoration on your cupcakes.

Easy Pumpkin Rice Krispies
You can mold these cute pumpkins by hand or use a cookie bowl mold.

Edible Witch Hats
Store bought crescent roll dough is filled with chicken and transformed in a witches hat. 

Meringue Ghosts
A simple Halloween dessert made from sugar and egg whites.

Mummy Cookie Pops
Oreo cookies are dipped in white chocolate and decorated with M & M's to look like mummies.


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