Snappy Ginny.

October 25, 2011

I just rediscovered Gin.  It was like coming home after being away overseas for decades. I had a run-in with Gin back in the mid-80's.  Seems such a short time ago from my palate's perspective.  It would take a product to be pretty darned good to catch my eye and pass my pursed lips. 

Sure, I've enjoyed a couple of other brands that are all small producer Gins.  I'll be writing about their unique attributes before long.  Note: I receive many spirits from small artisanal producers- all from companies that have a passion for the distillation arts.  They never tell me what to write, I just follow my heart and write what I feel. 

With that said, sitting in front of me right now is a bottle of Caorunn Gin.  I keep it in the fridge, usually in the coldest part, the back.  This is a small producer Gin from the Scottish Highlands.  It uses six traditional and five Celtic botanicals.  One of these botanicals is the Coul Blush Apple.  Through the use of this unique "local" apple, it led me to add a portion of Orleans Apple Aperitif from Eden Ice Cider Company in West Charleston, Vermont.  Apples are KING in Vermont and the apple aperitif from Eden is unique in every way.  It is spicy and aromatic.  This liquor is tinged with a crisp apple finish and it is spiked with herbs and honey flavors.  Also on my desk is another small producer product.  In this case the product is named Royal Rose.  Royal Rose manufactures exotic syrups that are true to the flavors of the fruit.  I was able to receive a bottle of the Autumn Plum simple syrup, carefully handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY.  This is also a unique product that screams out for Gin and Apple.  Finally the spine of the drink is based on the USDA Certified Organic product from Art in the Age (Philadelphia) named Snap.  Snap is an 80 proof Ginger Snap liquor.  Perfect with apple, dark stone fruits (plum) and the pure Gin.  I'm in love all over again!

The Snappy Ginny (shots)  Makes a couple or more- quite potent reminders of what a well mixed cocktail tastes like, in shot format!


Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin

Orleans Apple Aperitif (Biodynamic)

Snap USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap Liquor

Royal Rose -limited edition- Autumn Plum Simple Syrup

Fresh "slapped" mint for garnish



Take a cocktail mixing cup and fill 1/2 full of ice

Add- 4 shots Caorunn Gin

Add- 2 Shots Orleans Apple Aperitif

Add- 1 Shot Snap

Add 4 Tablespoons of Royal Rose Syrup

Shake and strain into shot glasses.  Finish with a splash of freshly drawn Seltzer. 

Garnish with some slapped mint.  How do you slap mint?  Put a nice fresh leaf in your hand and slap your other hand against it.  This action releases the oils in the mint- releasing the aromatics.  Cheers! wb





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another delicious fall cocktail - I thirst for more!