Adrian Grenier Launches Sustainable Wine

November 14, 2011

Adrian Grenier is launching a brand new wine label, Stomping Ground, a sustainable brand that will be sold through his eco-friendly website,

"We decided that we were going to create a sustainable wine because we are all about connecting and lifestyle and what better way to connect and communicate ideas about sustainability than around a nice dinner with a great bottle of wine,” the actor said. “It’s a social lubricant.”

The wine is blended from organic and biodynamic vineyards. Even the ink used on the labels is eco-friendly and the actual bottles have been made from recycled materials. 

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Hello Adrian!

My company, Carriell (in So Cali) has many ways that we can help you. We represent many renewable and sustainable technologies. Feel free to call my CEO, Eddie Roque at 913-575-1677 or 323-710-2990.