Turkey Goodie Bags

November 19, 2011

We actually have a kid's table this year. It is very exciting (and a huge relief for the kids). Of course, since it is a mere 12 inches from the main table, they still have to suffer through adult conversation, but at least they can fidget and goof off without freaking out their grandmother. 

I am planning in making decorations for everything of course, especially for the kid's table though! They are all getting goodie bags. I felt inspired by the goodie bags that I found on the Pottery Barn website. Aren't these adorable?

The plan is to fill them with a little notepad and pencil, so they can write what they are thankful for, then some obligatory stickers and little turkey related trinkets. I want to make one for Grandma too, then she can bring home some leftovers of her own. 

Thanks to PotteryBarn, for the cool idea! 

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