Kindergartner Spits Out Tom Colicchio's Food at Great American Family Dinner Challenge

November 30, 2011

"Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio may be a culinary heavyweight, but at the Great American Family Dinner Challenge, he was upstaged by kindergartner Austin Jackson, who spit out Colicchio's fare in front of a packed house. The event challenged two teams of professional chefs -- Colicchio and Maria Hines on one team and Ming Tsai and Holly Smith on the other -- to create a complete multicourse dinner using a $10 food stamp budget.

The 6-year-old didn't like two of Colicchio's dishes: a beef stir-fry and a salad comprised of shredded carrot, raisin and apple. He also hated Tsai and Smith's frisee and avocado salad and veggie quinoa with chicken thighs.

Read Tim Carman's wrap-up of the event for The Washington Post here; one of his photos from the challenge appears above. For more on food stamps, see this article.

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