Chipotle Movie - Back To The Start

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December 1, 2011

Watch this short film about the rise and fall of industrial farming from the farmer's perspective. It is a Chipotle video, but not in your face about it. 


Do you think Chipotle is sincere with their desire to use local foods as much as possible? 

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Jenny's picture

First it's Chipotle not Chipolte.....seriously? three times wrong? I am skeptical about Chipotle's sincerity, with motto of "Food with integrity"....yet let MCDonald's be their major stock share holder for the starter years. Kinda like the girl who wants to go to college for religious studies while living with a pimp!

sallie's picture

You need a proofreader!

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Wow! Thanks so much for noting the spelling error(s). My readers are so awesome! 


Amy J