Animal Activists Have Gone Way Too Far

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December 2, 2011

A group calling itself the Animal Liberation of USA/Canada has threatened to poison the food in several Chinese restaurants throughout Toronto. The letter was received by the Toronto Chinese Business Association on Tuesday and promptly forwarded to the hate crime unit of the police. 

In the letter the Chinese are called "barbarians” and “animal killers.” It references a recently passed ban on the use of shark fin in cooking, which will take effect this September. Specifically, the letter claims members of the group will spread rat poison in fruits, vegetables and meats in the Chinese community. 

“There are lots of people out there ready to hate, or that have a certain prejudice against certain communities,” said Justin Poy, spokesman for the Fair and Responsible Governance Alliance (FRGA). “The bylaw that was passed...(served as) the reason and the cause to send this letter."

Police officials are investigating the claims. 

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