2 Tragic High Profile Food Poisonings

December 6, 2011

Two high profile cases of food poisoning have appeared in the press during the last couple of days. 

1) The Fat Duck: Consistently ranked in the top 10 of all restaurants in the world, The Fat Duck had a shocking food poisoning outbreak back in 2009. Nearly 600 diners fell ill with norovirus after eating in the establishment. The restaurant closed for three weeks in February 2009 to deal with the outbreak. A new report out details the staff's delayed response in reporting the incident to authorities and outlines instances of employees working while under the weather. Many of the details are similar to the 2009 medical report on the incident. According to the new report, authorities were not notified until six weeks into the outbreak. Executive chef Heston Blumenthal said his properties thoroughly revaluated food safety practices in light of the incidents.  

2) Socrates: Brazilian soccer star and 1982 World Cup hero Socrates died after suffering complications from food poisoning. The former soccer hero had been in the hospital several times over the past months due to complications from alcohol addiction, but fell ill after eating a meal of beef stroganoff in a Sao Paolo hotel. All of his dinner companions also fell ill, but Socrates' immune system was too weak to fight the illness. 

Other stories of food poisoning: 

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