Fast Food Companies Defy Happy Meal Ban

December 6, 2011

San Francisco made national headlines earlier this year when the city banned restaurants from selling happy meals with toys unless those meals met strict new dietary requirements (which no fast food chain even comes close to meeting). Starting December 1, that ban took effect. But the fast food companies appear to have found a way around those new stricter standards. 

You can still buy the happy meal at McDonald's. It just doesn't come with a toy. If you decide to donate an additional $.10 to Ronald McDonald House Charities, though, you get the toy. Under the new rules, you have to buy the happy meal to get the toy. 

It isn't just McDonald's. Burger King also announced it would allow customers to purchase toys for an additional $.10. It has not decided what to do with the proceeds yet. 

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As much as I despise the fast food industry, I do not appreciate the government stepping in and "controlling" every last stinkin' thing. Seriously, do you think a child is really going to want food from McDonald's or anywhere else just because there isn't a toy in it? If they want to effect change, how about cleaning up food production in general. It's their fault the food quality is the way it is to begin with!