Martha Stewart Holiday Entertaining Pet Peeves: Texting and Picky Eaters

December 14, 2011

In a new interview to promote her book "Martha's Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations," Martha Stewart talked about holiday entertaining and her pet peeves, which include texting and picky eaters. When asked about menu planning for allergies, Stewart exclaimed, "Oh my God! Don't ask! My rule is do not ask about dietary restrictions. We had a charity dinner -- we had every single kind of restriction. It was horrible!"

Stewart did add some practical advice, though: prepare a variety of foods so that picky eaters and those with allergies or specialty diets can have something to snack on. "You have to be semi-prepared, but don't fret about it," she said. "Everybody can miss a meal."

Martha Stewart also recommended that party hosts include at least one extrovert on their guest list and joked that hosts should collect smartphones at the door to encourage guests to enjoy each other's company face to face.

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