Cookies Galore: 2 Cookbooks

December 16, 2011

Need help deciding what cookies to bake this holiday season?  These two cookie cookbooks can help.  They contain a plethora of recipes that range from simple to sophisticated, from cakey to crunchy, from plain to jam-filled, and more.  You will find a recipe that will please any palate, whether to give as a gift or to bake at home with the kids.  

One Sweet Cookie: Celebrated Chefs Share Favorite Recipes by Tracey Zabar

Cheesecake brownies, ricotta cookies, cashew polvorones, palmiers, chocolate knobs, pink swirl and dusted meringues, ginger citrus cookies are just some of the delectable cookies you will find in Tracey Zabar's One Sweet Cookie.  Zabar collected recipes from New York's famous chefs and culinary talents.  You will find cookie recipes from Jacques Torres, Lidia Bastianich, Daniel Boulud, Dorie Greenspan, Thomas Keller and more.  The cookies range from simple and homey to gift worthy.  You will win "ohhs" and "awws" from anyone who tries one these baked creations.

Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Medrich

Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy by Alice Medrich is organized, just as the title implies, by cookie texture.  Medrich has re-imagined the cookie to satisfy the modern palate.  She adds vibrancy and spice to her cookies.  Spicy carrot masala macaroons and cardamom caramel palmiers, for instance.  There are also comforting cookies with a flair like the blondies with bourbon or the caramel cheesecake bars.  This book is advanced enough for the experienced baker but  with also enough detail to instill confidence to the novice. For a more details on this book, read our review here.

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