Justin Bieber Donates to Winnipeg Food Bank

December 23, 2011

Justin Bieber joined forces with Tim Horton's to help those in need this holiday season. Earlier this week, Bieber and the coffee chain donated 6,300 pounds of food to Evergreen Basic Needs in Winnipeg, Canada -- an amount worth $10,000. 

“It’s a real Christmas blessing to us,” said Anne Kishka, the executive director of the food bank. “Justin Bieber’s actions are a symbol of hope to people in need, especially at this time of year.”

No one is sure why Bieber chose that particular food bank, however, the pop star's father used to be a resident of Winnipeg and there are a few other people in Evergreen's neck of the woods that share the same last name.

Earlier this year, Bieber tweeted to help out a food bank in Ontario. 



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