Demi Lovato Lashes out at Disney for Eating Disorder Joke

December 24, 2011

Demi Lovato took to her Twitter page yesterday to let Disney and all her followers know that she isn't to happy about some of the content on the channel that once hosted her own show. Quoting a line from 'Shake it Up,' Lovato said Disney was not putting across a positive message for young girls. 

"'I could just eat you up, well if I ate' -- Disney Channel's Shake It Up... What are we promoting here?" Lovato wrote.

The singer and actress entered rehab earlier this year for an eating disorder and has since left her show with Disney. 

"I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actresses from the pressures of an eating disorder and yet still make jokes about that very disease," she continued. 

Disney Channel's PR team caught wind of the tweets and messaged Lovato to say that they meant no harm but have pulled the episodes from being aired to further review the comments. 


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Mala's picture

Sooo, how does dressing like a hooker promote positive images for young girls??

francophile1962's picture

Sooo, how does dressing like a hooker promote positive images for young girls??

Angela Weber's picture

Largely, eating disorders do affect young women more than men and older people. This is true, I would also submit that in general, drug or alcohol addiction afflicts almost half of eating disorder sufferers. Often times, stimulant abuse makes it easier to not want to eat. Here is more information on the subject of eating disorders and addiction:

Hopefully, more women in the spotlight like Demi Lovato and Jennifer Hudson will be applauded for being open about their battles with image and weight. More women like that are needed to break the stranglehold Hollywood has on then thin image.


Angela Weber