Ancient Christmas Fruitcake Fetches $525 At Auction

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December 25, 2011

Back in 1941, someone bought a fruitcake at a Kroger grocery. It was returned in 1971 and the store (inexplicably) took it back. Store manager Frank Bates eventually kept the cake until recently when he began thinning his possessions. According to the original note, the cake traveled "thousands" of miles and through many various climatic conditions during the course of its life. 

Many believe the fruitcake, which was vacuum sealed and covered in rum, is still edible. No word on whether anyone plans to test that assumption. 

An estate company auctioned the fruitcake off for $525. The money will benefit a church outreach program for homeless people outside of Cincinnati. 

It still has nothing on the century old biscuit that raised nearly $2,000 at auction. 

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