This New Hampshire Restaurant Gets It

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January 6, 2012

Here's something most people can get behind. A restaurant in New Hampshire posted a sign on their door that reads "No Politicians, No Exceptions." Colby's Breakfast and Lunch in Portsmouth posted in the sign after local customers complained the frequent political visits were a major interruption to their lives. 

Owner Jeremy Colby summed up his reaction to the political visits. "I find it incredibly rude," said Colby. "I also find it amusing that they talk about how the economy and small business is so important, yet they are OK with creating a disturbance that impacts my small business."

Who can disagree with that feeling?

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Rich Grant's picture

I love it. It's fun to live in NH but the political season gets pretty wild. Our primary is 1/10 and today is 1/6 so it's getting hot and heavy. Yesterday we go 6 phone calls (Thank you for caller ID, if I don't recognize you, it goes to voicemail) Right now it is about 3pm on 1/6 and we have already received 4. I do have to say, they have enough brains to now call at the dinner hour or after about 9pm.