Hello Kitty Restaurant Opens in China

January 7, 2012

Beijing now boasts the first Hello Kitty themed restaurant in China. Yes, the insanely popular children's animated character has given birth to a billion dollar business and the dining sector is not an exception. The venue has enough capacity for 100 guests, but reservations are frequently impossible to get. Diners must call at least two days in advance to get a seat in the venue.

Waitresses wear pink dresses like the character and dining averages $25 a person. The decorations and food are all inspired by the TV series. Perhaps that's why video of how to make Hello Kitty-themed sushi (and Hello Kitty cakes) recently popped up online. 

In spite of the success of the first branch, the restaurant's owner said he does not plan to open a chain of restaurants. We'll see if that changes. 

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