Enter The Tillamook Fridge Mookover Contest

January 9, 2012

Here is a contest that you can really sink your teeth into (don't be a hater, that was a great pun)! Do you have a friend or family member who needs desperately needs to ditch the junky, wanna be, dairy foods? Check out the Tillamook Cheese website, and enter their newest contest: 

Tillamook's Fridge Mookover Contest

Enter them to win a fridge-load of delicious dairy from Tillamook. Here is the list of prizes: 

  • Three 2 lb Tillamook Medium Cheddar Baby Loafs
  • Two 2 lb Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Baby Loafs
  • Two 12 oz Sliced Tillamook Cheese packages
  • 2 1lb Tillamook Butter packages
  • Thirty 6 oz Tillamook Lowfat Yogurts
  • Two 16 oz Tillamook Sour Cream containers
  • Two Tillamook Ice Cream cartons

The contest runs from January 9-20. Go directly to their contest page for all the info, and how to enter.

If you have always tried to impress upon your friends how much better natural dairy products taste, THIS is the opportunity to prove yourself right. Seriously-delicious-stuff. 


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