Woman With Severe Food Allergies Can Only Eat Vegetables

January 25, 2012

U.K. resident Bunmi Sobowale has food allergies that are so severe, she can only eat vegetables. She has intolerances to an array of foods including meat, fish, alcohol, pasta, bread, milk, cheese, chocolate and sugar.

"I lost my sight for four months and my weight ballooned to 22 stones after having steroid treatment," said Sobowale to The Mirror. "I was finally diagnosed in 2006 with a range of food intolerances. Doctors have never been able to work out why my body malfunctioned. Only changing my diet helped. Food has been a problem in my life, but also the cure."

Bunmi Sobowale said that she even spent four months in the hospital after experiencing shooting pains, blackouts, speech problems and hair loss.

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