Jared Leto Offers to Make Vegan Pancakes Live

April 5, 2012

Jared Leto is offering his fans a few vegan tips, but the offer comes with a catch. In a post on his Facebook wall, Leto told his subscribers that if his post receives enough likes and shares, he will teach them how to make vegan pancakes live. 

"VyRT presents a live, intimate Thirty Seconds to Mars in-studio performance on 4/27, including a preview of the live tour film sneak peek of ARTIFACT, discussion w/ the band + a look into the future of MARS. Digital tickets available THIS FRIDAY at http://VyRT.net/!!," Leto wrote. "PS: If this gets 75k LIKES + 2,500 SHARES within 24 hrs, I'll make vegan pancakes LIVE!" 

This could very well be Leto's move into the culinary world. If you want to see him make vegan pancakes live, visit his Facebook page.

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Jessica Crihfield's picture

I saw it. It was hilarious. He made a huge mess and almost set the kitchen on fire. It was awesome.