Jessica Alba's Post-Pregnancy Diet

April 20, 2012

After having her daughter Haven, Jessica Alba has been busy promoting a healthier lifestyle with organic and eco-friendly products. Now, the actress is talking about how she got her pre-pregnancy body back. Alba says she stays away from processed foods and eats organically. 

"I haven't really changed that much. I've always been pretty healthy, I guess," Alba told The Stir. "I hate the word diet because it feels so temporary. I'm not big on packaged food, I'm not big on fast food, I like fresh things. I think it tastes better and so I kind of cut a lot of that processed food and packaged food out of my diet pretty early, when I was like 13. [And I eat] as organic as possible and as fresh as possible." 

Alba admits that she doesn't have much time to workout. With a newborn baby, the actress would much rather have an extra hour to sleep than hit the gym. 

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