White Zinfandel Strikes Back as a Serious California Wine

June 13, 2012

A serious White Zinfandel? Seriously? Yes. Cult Zinfandel producer Turley Wine Cellars is turning heads and smashing stereotypes with their dry version, as Jon Bonné reports on SFgate.com. Though you may be most used to seeing and drinking typical White Zinfandel like the Beringer pictured above, the version from Turley Wine Cellars gives a chance for restaurant sommeliers "to shock and surprise their guests" and, for the wine's champion, Christina Turley, it gives her "something to dork out about." Check out the full article to find out about another famous, iconic California winery with a history of White Zinfandel production. My only questions is why they don't call it a Zinfandel ros é .

Do you enjoy sweet White Zinfandel? If it's not your cup of tea, or glass of pink, would you be willing to try a dry version?

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