Jamie Oliver Has 'Lost Faith' in the UK Government

June 22, 2012

Jamie Oliver has been working to convince the UK government to improve the overall nutrition in schools, but the celebrity chef now says he has "lost faith" in the government. Oliver feels UK's Education Secretary Michael Gove has been trying to hinder the progress Oliver has made. 

"I've lost faith in Government, I'll pay my taxes, but I don't particularly expect to see anything," Oliver said. "Michael Gove is a nice enough chap and he's got great energy, but it took me a couple of meetings to realize there's no point in going back again. He was just charming me and telling me that he is eroding everything that the public demanded and asked for." 

Oliver's most recent battle was convincing the government that Academy schools need strict rules for the types of food they can offer students, just like state-controlled schools do. 

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