5 Gotta Try Copper River Salmon Recipes

June 28, 2012

Here in the Pacific Northwest we're mad about salmon. We go especially bonkers during Copper River salmon season, so you can imagine how we're all acting right now. We make such a big deal of the first shipment into SeaTac airport that Alaska Airlines' pilots get to carry the first fish off the plane. This beautiful and tasty creature has been in fishmongers' cases since May, but our passion hasn't waned. The Foodista team is always adding new salmon recipes here that we find from all over; I've shared a few with you here, just click through. Any type of salmon will do: King, Chinook, sockeye... but right now it's all about Copper River!

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copper updates's picture

I am a big fan of Copper River Wild Salmon season, especially the sockeye. I haven't heard much about it this year, even at my Whole Foods which usually advertises it like crazy.