Olivia Wilde Finds Diet Support From Alicia Silverstone

July 31, 2012

Olivia Wilde has been a vegan for four years after switching from a vegetarian diet. The actress says even though she is dedicated to her lifestyle, she often finds it hard to stick to the animal-free diet. 

"I have been a vegetarian since I was like... 12," she said. "But [being vegan] has been something that, for the past four years, has at times been consistent, other times less so. It helps if you have the right support system." 

For Wilde, that support system includes fellow vegan actress, Alicia Silverstone. 

"The person who really showed me the best way to do it was Alicia Silverstone. We were shooting a movie called Butter and we were in Northern Louisiana -- where there is no vegetarian food -- and she cooked the most incredible recipes from the Kind Diet for me everyday. I have never looked or felt better in my life." 

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Debby Sunshine's picture

Alicia Silverstone and The Kind Life inspired me to go vegan. Her recipes are simple and delicious. It is my "go to" cookbook. My family loves her rice krispy treats. You are lucky to have had Alicia's support!!