How Larry The Cable Guy Lost 50 Pounds

August 2, 2012

Larry The Cable Guy recently lost 50 pounds with the help of diet program Nutrisystem and a personal trainer. The comedian slimmed down back in 2008 with the help of Nutrisystem, but according to sources he wasn't able to keep the weight off. 

"He knew he had to do something, so he went back to Nutrisystem, added intense treadmill workouts and pumped iron," the source told the Enquirer. "It took about three months, but Larry dropped another 50 -- and now he looks great." 

Apparently, it was the Cable Guy's love for fast and greasy food that had his weight climb back up to 280 pounds. 

"He was soon back to feasting on the fatty foods that helped him balloon up in the first place," the source said. "It was particularly tough when he was on the road working. The more he missed his family, the more he ate!" 

Now when Larry is on the road, he takes his pre-packaged meals and personal trainer with him. 

"Wherever they were, the trainer took him to a gym every day, put him through a workout and made sure Larry wasn't hiding snacks," the insider said. "Larry's grueling regimen included weight training, 50 minutes of cardio early in the day and 50 minutes of cardio mid-day and 50 minutes of cardio at night."

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