Jennifer Garner Taking Post-Baby Weight Loss Slow

August 2, 2012

Jennifer Garner is not trying to be back in her post-baby body at the speed of light like some of her fellow actresses. While she is working hard to lose the weight, Garner is also making sure her workout regimen doesn't get in the way of time with her family. 

"Jen isn't bothered about getting thin in record time like other celebs," a source told Closer magazine. "She's taking it slowly and not obsessing. She has lost 21 pounds since the birth, taking her to 133 pounds. But she says she has a few more pounds to go."

Garner has been taking exercise classes three times a week to help her shed the extra pounds. However, she doesn't mind skipping a class or two to make sure her family comes first. The actress is also keeping an eye on her diet, but still doesn't deny herself her favorite treats.

"[She] will allow herself spaghetti and meatballs," the source said. "And she enjoys a piece of dark chocolate after meals." 

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