Food Recall: Menno Beachy Grape Tomatoes

August 9, 2012

Menno Beachy of Cresco, Iowa, has recalled their one pint containers of Certified Organic Grape Tomatoes, because of possible Salmonella contamination. 

The tomatoes were distributed from a Minnesota location to retail stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan between 7/26/12 and 8/6/12. 

From the FDA website: 

The grape tomatoes are packaged in square-shaped clear plastic clamshell containers labeled as Menno Beachy Certified Organic Grape Tomato, UPC number 044419310176, with a net weight of one pint.  There are no lot numbers or expiration dates on the clamshell label.  The clamshell packages are distributed in cases that are printed with a lot number.  The case lot numbers affected by the recall are MB725GT3, MB725GT8, and MB725GT0.


For the complete recall notice, please visit the FDA website


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