Heidi Montag Cuts Down on Alcohol

August 9, 2012

Reality star Heidi Montag has been hard at work getting healthy by regular training and changing her lifestyle. 

"I have my weaknesses. I love wine. I don't think I could ever give it up -- red, predominantly," Montag told Celebuzz. "Red wine and tequila -- those two things I won't be able to give up. I only drink once or twice a week. I used to drink more regularly, and I'm trying to cut down." 

Montag has also been training like an athlete, but doing Crossfit and rowing. 

"I row for like 20 minutes, [then run for] 30 minutes on the treadmill," she said. "I do half an hour to an hour of cardio on my own. I do my workout five or six days a week. I'm from Colorado, so I love being athletic. I grew up doing sports."