Joss Stone has a Refreshingly Healthy Attitude Toward her Weight

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August 15, 2012

Singer Joss Stone has been a vegetarian her entire life and admits she has always had a healthy body image. Even during her heavier days, Stone says she never felt pressure to be stick thin. Now, the British beauty stays healthy with a busy schedule and long walks with her dogs. However, Stone admits to struggling with her diet on the road, especially while traveling in Europe. 

"In Europe, all they want to give you is bread and cheese, bread and cheese, bread and cheese," Stone told Shape magazine. 

Stone says, however, that it doesn't matter what she looks like on stage, as long as she sounds good. 

"Thank God I can sing [for a living] because it really doesn't matter how thin I am. It's irrelevant!" she said. "That's what I think when I feel that I've put on weight. I quickly remind myself, I'm not a model. That's not important." 

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