Shia LaBeouf Gives Up Drinking, But Drank Moonshine on Set of 'Lawless'

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August 18, 2012

Shia LaBeouf recently told the New York Post that he has sworn off drinking, but he did drink moonshine on set of his movie Lawless, a film based on the prohibition-era.  

"My drinking on this movie was as undestructive as I could possibly make it, if that makes sense," he said. "I did it for the movie. I didn't drink off set for no reason. I did it because when I showed up on set the next day... my face... had that drunk bloat that I needed, that I couldn't have if that wasn't going on." 

LaBeouf noted that his costar Mia Wasikowska was "ready to walk away from the movie" because of his form of method acting, but the two completed filming as friends.

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