The Ashley Tisdale Diet

September 4, 2012

Ashley Tisdale is one young Hollywood starlet that is often photographed leaving the gym, so it is no surprise that she follows a healthy diet. 

"I'm on a healthy diet, but I do have a cheat day," she said. "Sunday's my day off and I eat what I want. I love fries, bread and pasta." 

On a regular day, Tisdale often snacks on fruit, veggies and lean meats. 

"I usually snack on apples and peanut butter, celery or carrots. I cut out bread and wheat and eat protein, like chicken, salmon and other fish and veggies," Tisdale said. "If I'm going on vacation, I let myself have a vacation. It's not super-exciting, but now that I've been doing it a while, I don't have cravings."

The actress also revealed that following her healthy diet and workout regimen, which often includes Kickboxing, has allowed for a more toned and curvy figure.

"I can see the difference from my dieting. I'm toned and leaner. I was always super-thin -- too skinny, actually," she said. "I felt like someone could break me in half. I realize now that being a bit more curvy and toned is much more beautiful."  

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