Mike Tyson Talks Getting Healthy After Daughter's Death

October 14, 2012

Mike Tyson changed his entire outlook on life after mourning the loss of his daughter Exodus in 2009. Tyson admitted to being in a very dark place, but changed his diet to help himself become a better person. 

"I was insane. I had this rage -- but that's what made me a great fighter. I wanted people who got in the ring with me to think they were dealing with a savage. I wanted them to show me respect. I was a pig then. A pig," Tyson said. "After Exodus' death, I knew I needed to do something positive and not sit there full of anger."

Tyson found a brighter outlook on life when he turned to a vegan diet, cutting meat and alcohol out of his life.

"I stopped drinking and for six months I only ate tomato and basil soup and water. I lost over 100 pounds and I haven't eaten meat since," he said. "I don't want anything in me that's going to enrage me -- no processed food, no meat. It's much harder to be a good man than a great boxer. I needed to be a good man and a good father." 

It's great to see that Tyson was able to find some positivity after such a tragic event. 

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