DIY Pickled Ginger

November 1, 2012

Pickled ginger is a classic condiment served with sushi.  Thin slices of ginger are pickled in a vinegar and sugar solution until the flesh becomes tender.  It is typically eaten between sushi dishes to cleanse the palette.  You will usually find ginger in pink (usually because of added coloring) or a pale yellow.  This is a great DIY project to do at home especially if you are making your own sushi.

Pickled Ginger


2 ounces fresh ginger root
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
Select a vinegar by taste. Mild wine or rice vinegar or pungent cider vinegar. If you use seasoned mirin, you might omit the salt in this recipe. Peel and slice ginger as thing as possible. Combine the vinegar, sugar and pinch of salt or to taste. Heat the liquid mixture to a boil, stirring for 1 minute, to dissolve the sugar. Place ginger in a bowl and pour hot vinegar on top. Cover and allow to cool. Chill before

Variations: julienne the ginger slices. Add red food coloring to stain the ginger. Mild vinegar and lemon juice will produce a sour pickle. To reduce the bite of ginger, blanch the ginger slices, shock in ice water, and drain before steeping in vinegar. Try a pinch of salt instead of more sugar to increase the sweetness of the pickle.

NOTES : Pickled ginger is sold in many shapes and degrees of pungency. For a subtle homemade condiment try this simple recipe.
The Japanese kitchen uses ginger sparingly and often as a garnish separate element of the meal. Pickled ginger is one of those little side dishes to keep on hand. It's surprisingly easy to make. And when we make our own we can control the strength. Make our own balance of sweet sour and spice. Peel fresh ginger and use the smallest blade on the Cuisinart to slice rounds. Or use a fine shredding blade to make "ginger hair".

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