Thirsty Thursdays: Abuela and Me

December 20, 2012

Master mixologist Bayardo De Murguia from Wood & Vine in Los Angeles loves making his signature Abuela and Me cocktail during the holidays.  This spiked hot chocolate  is made by mixing cinnamon spiced Mexican chocolate and vanilla infused tequila.  The cocktail is topped with horchata, a traditional Mexican beverage made from ground almonds and rice, that has been aerated using a cream whipper.  If you do not have one, freshly whipped cream will be just as delicious.

Abuela and Me


2 ounces of vanilla bean infused reposado tequila*
2 and 1/2 ounces of abuelita hot chocolate mix, chopped**
2 cups whole milk
Top off with horchata foam***
Grate cinnamon on top of foam


In a saucepan, add the chopped chocolate with 2 cups of milk on medium-low heat.  Do not let the mixture boil. Whisk the milk until the chocolate has melted and been well incorporated.  Set aside and let cool.  Add the tequila and whisk again.  Pour into mugs.  Using a cream whipper, aerate the horchata and garnish each mug with the foam.


*To infuse tequila, split open 3 vanilla beans, and scrape into a bottle of reposado tequila.  Let it infuse for 1 week.

**1 tablet of abuelita hot chocolate to 4 cups of organic milk

***In a cream whipper (also known as an ISI canister), combine 16 ounces of house-made (or store bought) horchata, 1 packet unflavored gelatin, 1 egg white

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