Paul McCartney Releases Song Promoting Vegetarian Diet

January 18, 2013

Paul McCartney has released new music to promote vegetarian foods and honor his late wife, Linda McCartney. The new music is featured in a commercial for a new collection of chilled vegetarian foods from Linda McCartney Foods, and also helps launch a new online campaign called #LoveLinda.

"The family today confirm that the leaked track and accompanying animation are part of the #LoveLinda campaign they have been working on alongside the Linda McCartney Foods brand," the company said in a statement. "This is the first time in 15 years that the brand has done TV advertising. The TV advert shows the McCartney family as you have never seen them before in animated form."  

Elvis Costello provides the narration for the commercial. He has been a vegetarian for many years and was a good friend of Linda's. 

"Linda always talked well and made it seem that you wouldn't be joining a secret weird society by being vegetarian," he says. 

Check out the new Linda McCartney Foods commercial with new Paul McCartney music below! 

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