A Sparkling Wine for Your Sunday Brunch Menu To Die For

February 10, 2013

Maybe your Sunday brunch menu isn't being enjoyed in the poshest of settings. But nothing makes the most mundane brunch locale seem fancy and fanciful like a fine bottle of sparkling wine. In this case, a bottle of Clairette de Die.

sunday brunch menuClairette de Die (pronounced "Dee" but I could not resist an unfortunate pun in the title of this post) hails from the South of France, in the Rhone region. The bottle I received as a sample, the Jaillance Clairette de Die Cuvée Impériale, was a delight. A blend of the Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains (90%) and White Clairette (10%) grapes (don't worry, there won't be a quiz), the Jaillance has a touch of sweetness. But not a sugary, cloying sweetness. More like the natural sweetness of fresh green grapes. This would pair lovely with a simple plate of fruit, and provide a refreshing counterpart to salty, savory brunch fare. Best of all, it's only 7% alcohol, so it has a low enough octane level to make it perfect for late morning/early afternoon sipping.

What is your preferred beverage for your Sunday brunch menu?

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