Simon Cowell is Shopping a Cooking Show

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February 10, 2013

Simon Cowell is hoping to bring a new cooking show to America. The music mogul is about to launch a new show in the UK called Food, Glorious Food! and is hoping to introduce the concept to the US. Cowell has already had a few meetings with FOX, but neither have signed the dotted line. 

"Simon and Fox are in talks to bring his culinary show to the US in 2014, despite it having not even been aired in the UK yet," a source said. "They have faith in Simon as a television impresario and believe his latest idea will be a resounding success."

Food, Glorious Food! is a show that looks for the country's most unique recipes, in the hopes of finding meals to sell in a high-end supermarket. The winner of the show, which does not feature Cowell, will also win a cash prize.

Would you watch Simon Cowell's food show? 



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Lillian Russo's picture

I sure would watch that food show!!! Sounds like a winner to me! I can't wait to see it!!!