Jessica Chastain Craves Octavia Spencer's Vegan Cooking

February 15, 2013

Jessica Chastain recently got a bit of a surprise during an interview with Katie Couric. Her former The Help costar Octavia Spencer sent Couric a letter, revealing that she has been craving Chastain's vegan soul food. 

"Jessica, I hope that since starring on Broadway and getting your second Oscar nomination... you haven't gotten too busy to cook me another delicious vegan, soul food meal!" Spencer wrote. "All of the accolades you've received this year are so deserved and couldn't have happened to a better person!"

Chastain joked that Spencer is such a great actress, you couldn't tell in The Help that she doesn't actually know how to cook at all. Because she lacked in culinary skills, she became accustomed to Chastain's vegan cooking. 

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