Wheatless Wednesdays: Gluten-Free Zucchini Fries

May 29, 2013

Simple and straightforward, these gluten-free zucchini fries are an uncomplicated dish.  Strips of zucchini are dipped into a light and airy gluten-free batter and fried until perfection.  These days, you can purchase gluten-free flour at almost any grocery store.  You can also order it online.  These zucchini fries are a tasty replacement for traditional fries and kids will love them.  Serve with Sriracha mayo or other assorted dipping sauces.

Gluten-Free Zucchini Fries


2 mediums Zucchini,
1 cup Gluten Free Flour
3/4 cup Club Soda
Canola Oil for frying
Deep heavy pot
Candy Thermometer
Wash and pat dry the zucchini
Cut ends off and discard
Cut zucchini into thick "fries" and set aside
Make the batter- in a large bowl add 1 c GF flour
While whisking, slowly add sparkling water
If the batter is too thick, add more water as needed
Add oil to pot, about 2 inches worth
Heat oil to 350 degrees, clip candy thermometer on the side
Add zucchini fries to batter to coat
In small batches, fry until golden brown, turn as they fry
Remove to a sheet pan lined with paper towels, when done
Salt and serve immediately


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