Nicole Scherzinger Doesn't Believe in Diets

September 10, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, but her diet secret might surprise you. The X Factor UK judge says she doesn't believe in dieting. 

"I used to diet a lot and now I don't believe in them because you're going to binge, your metabolism  gets messed up and then your weight is going to yo-yo," Scherzinger said. "I did that for a long time." 

Nowadays, she sticks to a meal plan of six meals a day. Scherzinger's breakfast favorites include oats, boiled eggs and Frosted Mini Wheats. For lunch, she eats a tuna or turkey sandwich. And for dinner, she opts for fish or chicken with vegetables.  Her snacks of choice include cashew nuts, mangos, bananas and almonds. The singer says she does allow herself to indulge in guilty pleasures like salt and vinegar chips or red velvet cupcakes. 

"Once you embrace your size and your style and you wear clothes that make you feel confident and take care of yourself from within, you'll look and feel better on the outside," she said.