Cover App Lets You Pay for Your Meal Without Waiting for the Check

October 6, 2013

You can now easily pay for your meal, without waiting around for the check. Cover is a new app that makes dining out with friends just a little bit easier. The app has been in beta in New York City for the greater part of the last year, partnering with local restaurants to integrate their software with individual payment systems. 

Perhaps the most notable feature of the app, is the group payment options. You can 'join a table' in the app, and simply let the restaurant know that you will be paying with Cover. The bill will automatically be split for you, allowing diners to leave a tip of their choice. 

"Mobile payments is an enormous opportunity but hasn't taken off in the U.S.,"co-founders Andrew Cove and Mark Egerman told VentureBeat. "Mobile payments products thus far haven't provided a better experience than using credit card. We are the first mobile payments product that improves the overall customer experience. We don't just replace one form of payment with your phone -- we completely eliminate the payment step altogether." 

Cover is currently only available for iPhone through the iTunes app store. An Android version is in the works. 

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