Must-Have New e-Cookbook: The Northwest Crab

November 4, 2013

Here in the Pacific Northwest we're proud of and blessed with the bounty of seafood our pristine waters provide. Dungeness crab is one of our region's most iconic foods and a favorite among many crab-lovers. Even Portland, Oregon native James Beard praised this sweet crab in his cookbook, American Cookery, saying, "There are many different crab meats available throughout the country…Having been brought up on Dungeness, I prefer it above other crabmeat."

In her newest e-book, Northwest native and renowned cookbook author Cynthia Nims shares her passion and recipes for "Dungies," as they're fondly referred to here in the Northwest. She'll take you through the basics - buying, cleaning, storing and cooking - to historical and cultural perspectives. Her recipes range from delicious breakfast dishes like Sourdough Bread Pudding with Crab to comforting dinners such as Crab and Italian Sausage Cioppino.

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