Delicious Shrimp and Octopus Ceviche

April 3, 2014

On a recent trip to Mazatlán, Mexico - a city known for its fish - we ate ourselves silly on fresh seafood like red snapper, mahi mahi, shrimp, and tender octopus. An outing to the outdoor market resulted in the acquisition of beautiful, fresh-from-the-sea camarones. We also found a vendor who conveniently had just-cooked octopus, which inspired this Shrimp and Octopus Ceviche recipe. Commonly found in Latin America, ceviche is a dish where raw fish is "cooked" in citrus juice. It’s a wonderful dish served (especially in warm weather) as a salad tossed with avocado, cilantro and chopped tomato. And even more excellent served with an ice cold cerveza!

Shrimp and Octopus Ceviche (Camarones y Pulpo Ceviche)

1 lb cooked octopus meat
1 pound shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 small red onion, chopped
2 generous pinches of sea salt
Juice of 8 limes, or enough to cover the fish
Optional garnishes: avocado, cilantro, tomato
Slice shrimp, octopus tentacles, and cube body meat in 1/2 inch chunks.

Peel and chop red onion.  

Combine above ingredients with salt and then squeeze limes over entire mixture. Stir well and refrigerate for 24 hours.

Serve as a salad tossed with freshly sliced avocado, cilantro and chopped tomatoes or enjoy all on its own!