4 Stunning Lobster Dishes

June 24, 2014

Summertime in Maine means plenty of succulent lobster. It's hard to believe, but locals sometimes get a little tired of these beauties just boiled and dipped in butter. Here are 4 recipes that will blow your mind, all highlighting that special coastal flavor you dream about. 

Lobster Taquitoes

Wild and wonderful, this recipe includes the deliciousness of fresh lobster meat, but it is also a tasty mixture of Jack cheese, cilantro, cream cheese and garlic. Such a great way to change it up a bit. We love these!

Lobster Mousseline

This lobster mousseline recipe from Saveur (Mousseline de Homard) has the unmistakable flavor of fresh lobster. It's sweet and succulent; all the things you love about this seafood. Lobster mousse is different from anything else you have ever tasted.

Baked Lobster

Baked lobster is absolutely amazing. It's such an easy recipe, no one will believe it when they taste their first bite. Baked lobster is rich with crushed buttery crackers, drizzled butter and lemon. It's a great way to enjoy fresh seafood in a whole, new way.

Homemade Lobster Roll

Second only to steamed lobster, this is the best way to enjoy this seasonal delight. Lobster rolls are perfection in their simplicity. They have few ingredients and this allows the lobster meat to shine. So perfect.