Wheatless Wednesdays: No-Bake Mini Banoffee Pies

July 16, 2014

Banoffee pie is an traditional English that's made quite a comeback in recent years.  This creamy pie is made from a combination of bananas, heavy cream and toffee (or caramel).  The crust and either be a buttery pate brisee or one made from a combination of cookie crumbs and butter.  

While the classic banoffee pie has it's high points, it's also high in fat and sugar.  It is a "once in awhile" kind of indulgence.  These gluten-free mini banoffee pies from Nutritionist in the Kitch are an easy no-bake dessert that let you have your pie and eat it too.  With only 183 calories per serving, you can enjoy this dessert without having to go a run right afterwards.

The raw crust is made from a mixture of chopped almonds, dates, and almond butter.  The toffee filling consists of Greek yogurt and a splash of almond instead of the traditional heavy cream, topped with a slice of banana.  This healthy version of banoffee pie only requires eight ingredients and is just as delicious as the original.  For full recipe instructions, click here.

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