The Best Way to Cut a Tomato

July 26, 2014

Round fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, oranges, onions, and tomatoes can be tricky to cut.  Because of their shape, you'll need to create a flat surface to help you stabilize them on the cutting board.  This usually means cutting them in half lengthwise.  Most of us aren't born with perfect knife skills and spend many years doing stuff "the hard way."  This tutorial focuses on tackling the tomato.  There was a time when cutting a tomato was a task I dreaded just as much as dicing an onion.  The slippery red flesh often ended up being a mangled mess across my cutting board with chunks of tomato in every size and shape.  Thankfully, with some practice, this isn't the case anymore.  

The key to good knife skills starts off with a sharp knife.  Investing your money and time working with a few key knives with make chopping fruit and vegetables a snap.  For tomatoes, I like to use a serrated knife.  The teeth cut through the rubbery skin without difficulty.  I would select a smaller serrated knife for this task such as a utility knife.  A sharp chef's knife or santoku knife would also work.  The video below shows you the easiest way to slice and dice a tomato.

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