3 Homemade Junkfood Snacks That Rock

August 5, 2014

Junkfood is always fun to eat. Try some of these recipes that make the junkfood into a healthier homemade treat that you can whip up right in the kitchen. Check out these copycat recipes that taste better than the factory created versions and are always a bit better for you. 

Copycat Butterfinger Candybars

From Sweet Little Details by Jen

Made from crushed candy corn and peanut butter and covered in chocolate, unlike the factory-made Butterfinger, these bars are gluten free and so amazing! 

Homemade Cheetos

From Little Miss Baker 19

Perhaps one of little kids' first and most beloved finger snacks, Cheetos are not so good for them, and that color! Now you can make a bit healthier version and keep your kid in Cheetos with much less extra unwanted additives. NOM.

Homemade Doritos

From Coin-Op Kitchen

Ah, that sweet sweet taste of nacho cheese Doritos. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they weren't so unbelievably unhealthy? These are! Check this out, homemade version that is packed with flavor and so easy to make.