Icy Mojito Recipes to Celebrate the End of Summer

August 7, 2014

Few things are better than sipping on a refreshing frozen cocktail on a warm summer day.  Since we are nearing the end of summer, these moments are limited.  An icy mojito is the perfect cocktail for such an occasion.  The classic recipe contains rum, sugar, lime juice and fresh mint.  It's unmistakable herbacious flavor comes from the muddling process before the cocktail is shaken.  Essentially, the mint is crushed with the sugar to help release the oils in the leaves and in doing so, the flavor.  Fruit adds another sweet element the compliments the other ingredients in the cocktail.  When blending a frozen cocktail, keep in mind to use frozen fruit or fruit juice instead of ice so that the drink doesn't become watery when it melts.

Strawberry Mojito
Recipe from My Life as a Mrs.

This strawberry mojito skips the muddling process all together and throws the ingredients in a blender.  For variations on this cocktail, swap out the frozen strawberries for blackberries or raspberries.

Cherry-Berry Mojito
Recipe from Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

The cherry-berry mojito is sweetened with a mint simple syrup instead of raw sugar.  Simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water with sometimes a flavoring added, in this case it's mint leaves.  Using simple syrup instead of sugar creates a smoother, less grainy cocktail.

Frozen Mojitos
Recipe from Sharing Thyme

Frozen limeade is the star (besides the rum of course) in this cocktail.  You may have forgotten about frozen juice but they are great for making icy beverages.  This recipe stems from the classic except everything is whizzed in a blender instead of in a cocktail shaker.

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