Healthy Gluten Free Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

September 10, 2014

Nature’s Path gluten free cereals are not just for breakfast! Think outside the box and incorporate some of their healthy, non-GMO grains and products into delicious meals for any time of day. Below are just a few of the creative way to use these good-for-you, good-for-Mother Earth ingredients. Explore more healthy recipes here, too.

Gluten Free Qi’a Patties
These scrumptious qi’a and bean patties are loaded with healthy and flavorful vegetables and herbs (shown above).

Spinach and Feta Pie (Gluten Free)
This Greek-inspired pie is packed with flavor! It’s quiche-like filling of eggs, feta and spinach is topped with a crispy crust of ground Whole O’s that are seasoned with oregano. Serve this up with the salad below for an amazing meal the whole family will love.

Heritage Tomato and Basil Salad
This twist on the classic Italian bread and tomato salad known as panzanella features Nature’s Path crunchy Heritage Flakes instead of bread. Its tasty wholegrain crunch adds texture and flavor to this delicious salad.

Mesa Sunrise Black Bean Casserole
This layered Southwestern-style casserole is a comforting dish the whole family will love - especially on a chilly fall night!

Heritage Lentil Loaf
Combine Nature’s Path Heritage O’s or Heritage Flakes with mushrooms, lentils and an ensemble of herbs and spices to make this satisfying and tasty twist on a meatloaf.