Spider Marshmallow Pops and Other Spooky Treats

October 6, 2014

With the spookiest holiday of the year just around the corner, we love celebrating with food! Making treats that all say "Boo!" makes this fun holiday kid friendly and so much more exciting. Check out these cool recipes for wild and crazy tasty recipes. 

Spider Marshmallow Pops

From Taking Care of Monkey Business

Spider pops are a fun way to celebrate Halloween with even the littles ghosts and goblins. They are fun to make and such a cute way to show your spooky sense of humor. 

Hot Dog Mummies

From Rhodesbread

No all our treats are candy. This one is awesome and a bit more filling than a handful of candy corn. See what we did there? Hot dog mummies are so cool!!

Peanut Butter Cookie Ghost Cups

From Food Faith Fitness

Chewy brownie cups are filled with creamy peanut butter and topped with cream cheese frosting ghosts. We can't resist nibbling on more than one. So tasty! 

Chocolate Cake Parfaits

From Vanessa Baked

For a Halloween treat, make chocolate cake parfaits for dessert, and dress them up in a world of candy corn. We think these are adorable and of course, delicious. 

Halloween Chocolate Ghost Cake

From Sewlicious Home Decor

This one has chocolate and ghosts. Do we really need to add anything to that? How about adding a rich cream cheese frosting, and you have yourself an epic dessert that everyone will be talking about. 

Reeses Frankenstein Cupcakes

From Your Cup of Cake

Cupcakes and Frankenstein, oh my! These are delightfully spooky enough to entertain your little goblins, but not so much that they aren't just the cutest thing. We wanted to make them again just for fun.